It’s been three years since I started this website now. Three years of daily cartoons, three years of tall tales, three years of wrestling, movies, TV & ( of course ) mister J… and three years of laughs ( OK, maybe that last one is open to interpretation ). But the point is, day in and day out, we have delivered a new cartoon to your door 5 times a week ( at least ) for that whole time.

So first off, thank you all. Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing, and thanks for enjoying the work. However…and I’m sure you probably knew that a “however” or a “but” was coming, and here it is… I just don’t have the time to continue this project on a daily basis any more.

Rest assured, the website will remain, and will still be updated… It’s just likely, it will now be on a once or twice a week basis. What this does, is leave me more time to work on bigger pieces, and bigger projects… well, in theory any how.

Either way, I just wanted to say thank you to you all… and especially to Cameron Davis and fabulous sebastian, who both help a lot in bringing these cartoons to you on a regular basis, and have done so for a number of years. So please keep in touch, and keep checking in… we are not going anywhere!!